For the baptism, until they are 18 or 21 and for every birthday and Christmas in-between, we can suggest a range of ideas / gifts for your Godchild.

A Godparent has a special relationship with their Godchild as a significant adult in their life so it is important that presents say something about that relationship. At the baptism it is lovely to have a present which still has significance 18 or 21 years later - something marking the time the relationship started and which increases in value, or is a special gift as they come of age. During their childhood and teenage years, the birthdays or Christmas presents can add to that first gift, or might be something very different. The child's family and friends will give them the usual toys and clothes, the Godparent has the opportunity to find unusual and meaningful gifts.


We think through the gifts & websites we post on here, with any of these, the retailer might pay us a small commission, this helps us to run this website and does not affect the price you pay. If you have any issues buying any of these items or with specific retailers do let us know as we would prefer to only recommend those who provide good customer service.

There are good godparents and bad godparents. The good ones understand that they must make themselves available to that child, encourage him or her, and keep in touch regularly. They love the child. The bad godparent is casual and unhelpful.
Canon Colin Scott-Dempster - Telegraph